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Why boycott of Midland Savings and Loans is unreasonable

A boycott will lead to the collapse of the company

Investors worked hard to establish Midland Savings and Loans Company. 

They have invested heavily. 

They employed over 700 people to work in various branches nationwide.

5 workers at one branch in Accra looked on while a trigger-happy-errant police officer assaults a woman carrying a baby.

Prosecute the police officer.

Prosecute the 5 staff for aiding and abetment of crime.

Calling for a boycott of Midland Savings and Loans is unreasonable because the crime was not committed by the shareholders.

A boycott that will lead to collapse will only affect the country negatively as all employees will lose their jobs and the hard work of the investors will go down the drain.

All over the world, even when shareholders engage in wrongdoing, they are dealt with by the laws of the land.

We must punish people who committed the crime and allow the company to learn its lessons and move to serve us better.

source: Elvis Darko

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