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Tanzania arrest militants threatening Mozambique

Police in Tanzania have arrested 104 militants

Police in Tanzania have arrested 104 militants it accuses of planning to set up bases in neighbouring Mozambique.

There have been at least 50 suspected Islamist attacks in the north of Mozambique since October 2017.

Ninety people have been killed in the violence and more than 1,000 families displaced.

Tanzania police say they made the arrests during recent security operations in the south and east of the country.

They say the suspects admitted they were going to Mozambique to join radical camps.

The part of Mozambique that borders Tanzania, Cabo Delagado, has been plagued with violence for the past year.

The group behind the attacks has not made any explicit statement on intentions or claimed any attack.

Residents of the affected area suggest the attackers include people from east and central Africa and have often forced local communities to observe Sharia law.

Mozambique’s government says it will be firm in dealing with those behind the attacks, in an area near some of the world’s largest untapped natural gas reserves.

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